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7Spa – boutique dog spa is a small, upscale, luxury spa that offers personalized experience to every dog and its owner. We offer a personal touch to every one of you with specialized coat care programs & bathing rituals followed by perfect grooming with big attention to details.
Every dog has a different coat type and condition, but our goal is one – to make it look best while restoring its natural structure.
Big or small we love them all! Since we know how much you love your pooch, we welcome you to stay with us during the treatment and see how your little ball of fur gets groomed. It allows you to bond with your dog even more, spending quality time with him while he is getting pampered and enjoying his spa moments.

While enjoying a cup of fine coffee you’ll get a chance to learn more about your dog, his coat type and how to keep it beautiful at home until your next appointment. Big plus is that you are also involved in deciding the length of the fur and styling. Beside learning you can as well try and smell different products you only saw online or heard about.

Passion, continuous learning, international education and advice from breeders, help us grow and become smarter. Now we offer you the best possible care, best possible cosmetics, accessories and loads of nice haircuts.

You and your beloved dog can expect a warm welcome by our professional stylist, certified dog handler and professional dog walker pet sitter