- Signature “TAURO ProLine” Spa Procedures by Janita J. Plunge

This ozone bath program is healing, designed to maintain the good condition and longevity of the skin and hair. It will help maintain a healthy, supple, proper skin so that your pet has a strong, vibrant, shiny and soft coat. This program is for a quick coat change also: shedding or encouraging the growth of a new regenerating coat so that you can enjoy shiny, healthy, vibrant pet coat and skin during the period when the coat is changing. *Suitable for the treatment of alopecia
It is a healing spa treatment for ozone baths, in which natural clays and essential oils join their best qualities. It is a program that quickly restores hair and skin, suitable for the treatment of skin lesions, seborrhoea, fungal diseases and allergic reactions. Depending on the level of damage, it may take from 3 to 10 procedures to restore a healthy protective layer of skin, strengthen the existing coat and regain healthy quality hair. This program detoxifies the pet’s skin and coat, restores the healthy structure of the skin and hair, revitalizes and regenerates. Therefore, after the first procedure, you will see the first results – returning healthy shine, healthy firm skin. *Suitable for the treatment of fungal diseases – Malassezia.
This program is intended for unruly and frizzy coats, for its preservation, gentle combing, hair structure restoration and hydration. The procedure is designed to restore the natural structure of the hair, to fill the cracks, which are the main cause for felting and difficult care. *Suitable for daily care and problem solving
It is a daily care program suitable for all types of pet coats. It will strengthen the vital functions of the hair follicle, moisturize the coat and nourish the skin, highlighting the natural beauty of the pet. *Suitable when pet’s coat and skin are healthy, but butter results are wanted – more shine, texture and to strengthen its protective function
This ozone bath program is designed to improve the condition of a pet’s coat, strengthen it, give it a healthy shine, special softness and density. *Suitable if the condition of your pet’s coat is good enough, but hair has become drier, more brittle
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- Elixirs - the magical gift of pure nature -

Beside regular shampooing and coat care with conditioner/mask, we always add a few drops of Elixir to your dog's washing process as well as in SPA PROCEDURES. Each Elixir contains essential oils specially blended for different causes.

- Elixirs - the magical gift of pure nature -

 to promote hair growth and healthy skin (promotes healthy,
thick and strong hair)

 for healthy shine and easy recovery (provides deep hydration
and shine to the hair)

for the treatment of skin injuries (revitalizes and protects skin
from irritation and itchiness)

extremely strong formula for follicle regeneration and hair
density (stimulates the growth of stronger and thicker hair)